Gosh, that was a visceral read. I could feel the trepidation just before the mic reached you in my own stomach and knees; I’ve been there so many times. Well done for mounting the courage to speak up; I also find it hard to find a calm and civil tone in me once that internal rage has kicked in. And then often do myself and my reasons a disfavour by erupting in heated debate mode.

And I’ve often struggled with the same notion: “that it doesn’t matter where ideas come from as long as they are good.” — or in other words, “that we are singular, that we can just ideate on our way to a better world”. How I’d love to have a good answer to this, because it’s one of those issues where I can feel what’s wrong with that in my body, but haven’t yet succeeded in putting words to it.


Show up for the world you want. www.thegoodjungle.org

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