I don’t want to suggest quitting jobs is the only way forward (although in all honesty I do believe that a lot of the organisations working in the sector need to be shrunk/ replaced rather than just tweaked…). Everyone is in a different situation and for everyone, there will be different strategies to bring actions in line with values..

So, to me, the 3-step approach you suggest does sound like a way to ‘alleviate the neocolonial element’. In fact, if that’s in your and others’ power to do, it may be useful to ask the question ‘how would we justify not doing that?”

By the way, yes there are places where these conversations are happening, one is happening this week, all online — the online conference “Healing Solidarity” about re-imagining development has been going on since Monday, but you can still catch talks from up to 48 hours ago and the event goes on until tomorrow (+48hours availability), so there is plenty of time to get signed up (it’s free), catch up on some of the content and get involved in the conversation: www.healingsolidarity.org — maybe ‘see’ you there! I’m talking about money today :-)

Show up for the world you want. www.thegoodjungle.org

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