Thank you Christopher — I think that last question you ask is where the rubber hits the road: “What is it about work in the ‘social good sector’ that pushes back against such issues of professionalization, staff protection, wellness, and so on, that are almost basic in for-profit jobs?” … There will be varying views on this — and my own (likely unpopular) view is that this systemic issue is a lot to do with questions around the historic heritage and vested interest in the aid and charity industry. Systems thinker Donella Meadows once wrote that a system’s true purpose can be derived not from its stated/rhetorical purpose but from its actual behaviour. And in my own experience, the aid industry’s actual behaviour (regardless of the stated intent of its institutions and regardless of the genuine good intentions displayed by many working within them), points to a systemic purpose of helping stabilise/ maintain (rather than disrupt) an exploitative global economy.


Show up for the world you want.

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